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lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

Papa Francesco non cambierà la norma del celibato ecclesiastico , secondo il neo cardinale Nichols

‘Meanwhile, Archbishop Nichols said this week that Pope Francis’ remarks about Catholic moral teaching had changed the way that the Church was perceived, but emphasised that he had not changed church teaching on priestly celibacy, homosexuality or divorce.
Archbishop Nichols has told BBC Radio Wales that he doesn’t think for one minute that Pope Francis will ‘reconfigure’ Church teaching on priestly celibacy, homosexuality and divorce.
The Tablet reports:
Speaking on BBC Radio Wales – while in Wales to address the Muslim Council – he said: “I don’t think for one minute either from his track record or his office that he’s about to reconfigure Catholic teaching. He is creating a different culture around how the Church faces the world and how it sees the world and maybe how the world sees the Church, maybe through clearer eyes than it used to.”
Protect the Pope comment: It would be good to see this strong statement from Archbishop Nichols  widely disseminated in this country in order to put the dissent movement  A Call to Action back in its box. These dissenters are attempting to create a ‘spirit of Pope Francis’ onto which they are projecting all their twisted wishes to secularise and protestantise the Catholic Church. Archbishop Nichols is very clear that the Holy Father is not open to their calls to change the Church’s doctrine on married priests, active homosexuality or divorced and re-married.